Supercon 2k Series

The SuperCon 2K Series is the place to be for all gamers to explore all the aspects of the video gaming industry and beyond. This series travels to Anime, Sci-Fi and Comic Book Conventions across the nation providing a home for gamers to meet other gamers, make new friends, play casual games and to learn about the gaming industry.

Whether you’re a casual or hardcore gamer we have you covered. From competitive play to casual play everyone can win great prizes in tournament play and our opporturnity fund.

For all gamers, the SuperCon 2K Series can be seen at variety of conventions and events that have some tie-in or cross-over into the video game industry. Don’t miss the opportunity, fun, memories, networking, prizes, education, bragging rights, and/or the chance to be named the most proven player in the nation!!

For those who are part of the gaming industry you also have the ability to showcase your products and talents through being a gaming vendor and/or sponsor. Also vendors and sponsors get exlusive booth space in the game room itself so you truly touch your audience.

For additional information, check out the dedicated gaming page for your convention here