Cosplay Competition

This years Master of Ceremonies has yet to be decided and will be announced on a later date. Sponsored by Space Cadets Collection Collection, the Space City Comic Con Cosplay Contest  is our costume competition, showcasing costumes inspired by movies, comic books, TV, fantasy, animation, video games, and the imagination of their creators. It is free to participate or to be in the audience. This is a stage competition, where contestants can show off their costumes using skits or strut across the stage in character. Most contestants provide recorded music or prerecorded dialogue to enhance their entries.  Some entries will be individuals and some will be groups with a shared theme. Impressive Space City Comic Con  customized award medallions, as well as monetary and other company-sponsored prizes will be awarded in various categories

The prizes:

A panel of guest judges will select winners in these categories: Best in Show, Judges Choice, Best Re-creation, Best Original Design, Best Workmanship, Most Humorous, Most Beautiful and Best Young Person Entry (8 is the youngest we allow on stage).

Company & Organization Awards:

Space Cadets Collection Collection: to the costume of their choice, $100 in booth credit (in Dealer Room)
IDW Comics:
To their favorite costume featuring an American character: TPB copy of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
To their favorite horror genre costume: The October Faction comic autographed by Steve Niles
To their favorite barbarian related costume: Ragnarok #1 comic signed by Walt Simonson
To their favorite military style costume: GI Joe Annual #1 comic signed by Herb Trimpe (1939-2015)

Winners of the Convention prize categories will receive a quality metal medallion. There will be two medallions provided to group entries winning those categories. Winner of Best in Show will receive an engraved crystal trophy.

More to be announced as we approach the Convention. You may also contact the Cosplay  Coordinator at [email protected] if you wish to sponsor a prize. Sponsorship will get you priority seating in the front row with the judges, your company logo on the convention Cosplay Competition webpage , and you will be announced and acknowledged at the Cosplay Competiton event and will be allowed to present your award in front of the audience if you wish.

Rules of the Space City Comic Con Cosplay Contest:

  1. Costumes must be of original construction, or show significant modification of pre-existing materials.
  2. Maximum time on stage: 1-2 people:1 minute 15 seconds. 3-6 people: 2 minutes 7 or more: 2 minutes 30 seconds.
  3. No liquids, messy substances, or anything that may pose a danger are allowed on stage. Unsheathing of bladed weapons must be cleared with the coordinator. No throwing of things into the audience. Nothing is allowed that would get a movie "R" rating including level of clothing, removing clothing, vocals, language, or behavior on stage.  Violating these rules will disqualify you. Minors may not perform combat routines on stage.
  4. A young person entry is defined as an entry where the contestants are ages 8 14 years old.
  5. Contestants must show up in the backstage area no later than 6:30, and allow video recording and photography of their costumes for non-profit purposes.
  6. The Coordinator can reject an entry on the basis of inappropriateness, unsafe behavior, too many purchased items, because the construction materials or techniques used do not meet the criteria of the show, or because the event has reached its limit for entries.
  7. For safety reasons, entries under the age of 8 are not allowed. A young person entry must have a parent or guardian present with them backstage and will be asked to sign a permission form.
  8. All dialogue and/or sound effects and music must be prerecorded onto a CD. There will be no microphones on stage and no speaking allowed from stage. Test your recording on regular Cd players before you bring it, please or you can send beforehand as a music file. (please send at least one week prior to the show).  Coordinator will provide music if your entry has none. If you intend for the Coordinator to provide music for your act, please give them ample time before the show.
  9. All of our Cosplay Competition  staff are volunteers, and we donate our time to the show because we love costuming just as much as you do!